About US

Young Boss is a European project between two partners: DOM MLADIH and Kans & Doen. Young Boss helps to the EU to reach their strategy for 2019-2027. It is the EU’s goal that young people are able to shape their own destiny, support their own development, and the path to independence, become resilient and acquire life skills which helps them to cope with a changing world. Youth employment is a major influence in this aspect, yet young people are twice as often unemployed as other age groups (EUROSTAT, 2017). Covid-19 has worsened the situation for young people, especially for young people with lesser opportunities.


Our Partners, DOM MLADIH and KADO want to help the most vulnerable groups of young people through using their experience in their line of work. Through raising awareness for soft and entrepreneurial skills among these youngsters, both partners believe that this will strengthen their position on the labor market. As both DOM MLADIH and KADO are motivated about this project, they have every intention to broaden the program after the YOUNG Boss project is finished.

DOM MLADIH is a non-formal education institution from Rijeka, Croatia. Their main focus lies on  youths with the age 9 to 14, yet they wish to extend to high schoolers, ages 14 to 19. They take part in Young Boss because they wish to give youngsters in Croatia better opportunities. Next to that they have knowledge about entrepreneurial education. It is also interesting for DOM MLADIH to take part, as the city of Rijeka has a youth plan for 2018-2022 to increase the employability and entrepreneurship of young people.

Kans & Doen (KADO) is a foundation from Groningen, The Netherlands. They have quite some experience with entrepreneurship, as well as teaching and educational projects. As Groningen lies in the north of the Netherlands, KADO focuses on this area. Compared to the west of the Netherlands, there are limited programs which promote entrepreneurial activities of young people with lesser opportunities. KADO wishes to change this and develop a program in the north of the country as well.

Young Boss is meant for young people with business ideas to give them opportunities to develop the ideas. We give these youngsters the support that they would otherwise not receive.

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